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practices4dentists have been involved in the marketing of my practice for the last 6 months. It has been been a difficult period in the market and my practice is a fairly specialised niche of it. Nevertheless practices4dentists have pursued all leads assiduously and have presented our case with care and precision. Where interested parties have had detailed queries, they have made sure that all the necessary information has been provided. Clive has kept us in touch with progress and has been willing to come in person to the practice to meet with us and to help show round prospective buyers.

I have been impressed by the quiet persistence Clive shows. One sign of this is that, in the depth of the crunch, we still have two live enquiries, both showing reasonable prospects. That is a product of practices4dentists proactive pursuit of potential sales in contrast to the estate agent approach exhibited by others in the market.

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Having recently gone through the process of selling a Dental Practice aided by practices4dentists I am pleased to report that the senior representative engaged ( Mr Clive Waldron ) discharged his duties in a responsible and professional manner and diligently proffered advice throughout the procurement of potential purchasers and the negotiations that followed.

The level of commitment to contact throughout the transaction was above and beyond normal office hours and this expedited the whole process to a satisfactory completion.

I can unreservedly endorse practices4dentists as an agent engaged in the selling of a Dental Practice.

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